Growth Mindset: What is it? 

Elevate Santa Fe's work is focused on the elements of “Growth Mindset” orientation. Dr. Carol Dweck, of Stanford University, is a leading authority on motivation and mindsets, and brought the term into the mainstream. Growth Mindset indicates that people believe they are capable of growing and changing for the better-and that their abilities are not “fixed.” It is the empowering idea that people do have control, to some degree, of the path their life takes. While they may not know how to do certain things yet…they can make the choice to work on those areas, and grow their abilities. Read more on Mindset Scholars Network...

”In the context of education, Dr. Dweck has sought to understand why some students give up in the face of failure, while others thrive. Over the past three decades, her research has shown that the way students think about intelligence and their ability affects their motivation and achievement in school. Moreover, this work has demonstrated that it is possible to change students’ mindsets in ways that have a lasting impact on their academic trajectories” (Mindset Scholars Network)

Impacts of Physical Activity on Learning

According to research sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “Physical activity can have both immediate and long-term benefits on academic performance. Almost immediately after engaging in physical activity, children are better able to concentrate on classroom tasks, which can enhance learning. Over time, as children engage in developmentally appropriate physical activity, their improved physical fitness can have additional positive effects on academic performance in mathematics, reading, and writing.”


-Active Education: Growing Evidence on Physical Activity and Academic Performance

Benefits of Physical Activity on Health

The organization Health Fitness Revolution argues that rock climbing combines cardio and strength training, strengthens and tones muscles, increases flexibility, reduces stress, burns calories, prevents chronic disease, aid in conquering fears, and helps people challenge themselves. Read more...

Read the REI Co-op Journal Article:


Climbing is known to have a myriad of benefits-both physical and mental. In an article published by the National Health Service entitled “Health Benefits of Rock Climbing,” the author posits that climbing offers an amazing physical workout that uses the entire body. Climbing uses a variety of muscle groups, and works both the upper and lower body. The back, abdominal and leg muscles, as well as your fingers, shoulders and arms are all given a workout. Over a significant period of time, climbing can improve stamina, muscle strength, flexibility and agility.