Elevate Kids

What is the focus of Elevate Kids?

Elevate Kids is an educational enrichment program that fosters growth mindset in children, and uses rock climbing as a way of solidifying these lessons and skills. The four week program introduces students to concepts like goal setting, persistence, and problem solving. There are three classroom based lessons, which are interwoven with three indoor climbing gym sessions that incorporate physical challenges to solidify and transfer understanding of those concepts. Students are asked to tackle new challenges, focus on overcoming mental barriers, and develop trust and responsibility through teamwork activities.  

How will this program benefit students?

In addition to the inherent benefits of exercise and sports participation, our kids climbing program has the capacity to elevate health, self esteem, confidence, attention, and problem solving. It is our hope that participants will deepen their self-confidence and be empowered to know they can improve themselves. We want to aid their ability to deal with life’s challenges, develop resilience and positive coping skills, and strengthen their ability to achieve goals. In addition, we hope to increase their understanding of personal wellness and how physical activity can impact other areas of life, and help students make positive choices.

Who will take part in this program?  

Elevate partners with organizations that provide support to underserved students to take part in a three week long indoor climbing program. This program takes place once per week at the Santa Fe Climbing Center, and the logistics are coordinated by Elevate. Elevate has successfully partnered with the Zona Del Sol Boys and Girls Club, Pinon Elementary School, Nava Elementary School and has plans to collaborate with others in the coming school year.

"First, I was able to see new strengths in my students that really surprised me. Also, I was able to see ways that students cooperated and encouraged each other in new and different ways than when they interact in class. Because I also climbed, my students were able to see me in a different way and we were able to meet and tackle challenges together, which gave a great sense of community to the class....Many of the students were terrified about rock climbing before attending our sessions, but even on the first day, every student challenged him/herself to participate. The kind encouragement of staff made a big difference. Students of all academic levels from very low level special ed to gifted students were able to participate. Many students who are not very advanced academically were able to shine in a way that they might not have been able to otherwise. Elevate made accommodations for students with special needs so that every student was able to participate to the best of his/her ability. This was a way for every student to feel good about him/herself and his/her accomplishments. Many students realized strengths and gifts in themselves that surprised them."

 Jen Kennedy, 3rd grade teacher, Nava Elementary


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